Often small businesses face a road block at some point in time due to lack of internal expertise, market dynamics change, or simply as founders and team get too comfortable and settled.
This road block impacts business growth and leads to redundant strategies.

When a business reaches this point, you are in dire need for an outside look at things. This is called Consultancy, and that is what Noha Nabil would like to offer you on a 2 hour personal one-on-one session.

From September 1st-September 10th you can book your one-on-one meeting for a better future for your business 

Session Agenda:
After a brief introduction about your business and the nature of your road block, you will be offered consultancy on how to move things forward from a commercial point of view. This includes general marketing strategy,brand strategy, communication planning, ideas for PR activities, lead generation, pricing, budget allocation. 

This is a verbal discussion and consultancy offering. No written business proposals included.

Session could be attended by teams up to 3 per business. 

Fees: EGP 1500
Please fill in this form to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/VNd7Fn7w0nZP0HZ93

Noha Nabil: 
An expert marketeer with 16 years of experience in the private sector. 
MBA graduate from ESLSCA 2003
Started off in market research with IPSOS back in 2001, working with accounts like P&G, Mars, Citibank, Mobinil and Vodafone. Then moved to Credit Agricole Egypt as Head of Research and Communications followed by a position in the Orascom Telecom subsidiary Telecel Globe, where she was the Commercial Strategy Manager for the Sub-Sahara African Operators. In 2010, Noha decided to take her marketing experience to the art and cultural sector co-founding Stamp TM, an artist management company which closed its doors in 2014 due to the political and economic instability at the time. Ever since Noha has been freelancing as a marketing consultant with clients and projects from Egypt, Qatar and Dubai. Noha moved to El Gouna in 2018.