The Winner Takes It All Egyptian National Cable Wakeboard Champ

The Winner Takes It All – Egyptian National Cable Wakeboard Championship 2018 IWWF

November 1st – 4th – the exact date will be announced 3 days before the event – November’s days usually pretty great foe weather but you never know 😉
Sliders Cable Park – El Gouna Egypt
* Wakeboard Man & Woman U15 U18 & OPEN Divisions 
* Egyptian National Wakeboarders Ranking 

If you have not yet participated in a tournament maybe this is the place to start? 
Sliders Cable Park invites all amateur and riders to compete in the one and only Cable Wakeboard Contest in Egypt!

Entry Fees:
Contest Participants:
€ 30.00 each if you pre-register prior to an event, or € 35.00 at the event (space permitting)
Other Activities:
Swimming pool, sunbeds, bean bag toss, water toys, volleyball and other beach games are free and open to the public.

BOOM!!! 💥💥💥
There will be prize money! The amount of prize money will depend on the number of riders as the name of the event says: The Winner Takes It All!!

All our winners will receive free ride session in Sliders Cable Park:
1st place in all category – 1 month Sliders Wake Pass – 350 €
2nd place in all category – 2 weeks Sliders Wake Pass – 260 €
3rd place in all category – 1 week Sliders Wake Pass – 175 € and a lot of attractive prizes funded by our Friends/Sponsors for each Winner 🙂 
Stay tuned for more details.