This workshop will focus on introducing people to the art of designing yachts and general information about how to conceive a detailed and technical project such as the exterior or interior of a yacht, that shall also be elegant and refined, appropriate in the choice of materials and in forms, but at the same time that can’t be disconnected from technical and construction know-how of nautical design. The workshop includes 3 parts:

Exterior Design :

A) Introduction to Sail Boats, Yachts and catamaran ( different shapes and material used)
B) 2D and 3D technical laws, drawings and presentation

Interior Design:

A) Introduction to Sail boats, Yachts and Catamaran interiors (Advantages & Disadvantages)
B) 2D and 3D technical laws, drawings and presentation

From concept to design: ( Exercise included)

Working on finding a suitable concept and turn it into the design of your vessel.
(Introduction to the newest technology helping to deliver the craziest concepts)

Style, functionality and technology are the key points in yacht design workshop.
About the instructor:
Yasmin Khater
(Egyptian/ French)

Based in Egypt-Lebanon-Greece-Italy.
Yacht designer
CEO & designer of Boddiction.

Studied International BFA & Architecture in Paris and Masters in Yacht design in Milano.

She got interested in everything new, unique or evolving. With a concept of merging design with individualized needs, transforming the way society lives today.

Her goal is to refine Egyptian design and production by bringing the foreign know how to a market seeking better quality in terms of design, construction and/or production.
Date: Sunday, 7th of October
Time: From 11AM to 1:30PM

Fees: EGP 150

Please fill in this form to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/WF5G7oKEZ8BfTGwG3