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Backyard Restaurant & Bar Closed nowOpens at 14:00 today

Backyard Restaurant & Bar


Backyard, Formally (Town House) is all about the new look and the quality food and atmosphere added

Location: Backyard Bar and Grill, Second Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: m.me/BackyardElgounaPhone: +201286188899

Ez Speed Boat & Lagoon Trips


Ez Speed Boat offers variety of private lagoon trips around the beautiful town El Gouna. Most people

Location: Unnamed Road, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptWebsite: http://bit.ly/2KHTxZ2Phone: +201287770337
Kite Power El Gouna Closed nowOpens at 09:00 today

Kite Power El Gouna


Kitesurfing at Kitepower: A modern kite-surfing centre with a perfect infrastructure right on the

Location: Unnamed Road, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptWebsite: https://www.kitepowerelgouna.com/Phone: +20 101 155 4700

Kite Tribe


Kite Tribe offers private and partner training as well as week-long kitesurfing events, providing

Location: Unnamed Road, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptWebsite: https://kitetribe.orgPhone: +20120 739 0448
Bodega Restaurant & Bar Closed nowOpens at 10:00 today

Bodega Restaurant & Bar


Bodega Restaurant and Bar is the place to relax in El Gouna. Influenced by Spanish and International

Location: Bodega Restaurant & Bar, Hurghada, 3333, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: https://bodega.elgounarestaurants.com/Phone: +20 102 888 8794
MazaGouna Closed nowOpens at 10:00 today



One of the most popular restaurants in El Gouna and situated in one of the most prime locations –

Location: Mazagouna, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://bit.ly/2MQ9dccPhone: +201066452108

Il Gelato di Lialina


Visited by locals, tourists and celebrities alike: there is only one place to go for the best

Location: Unnamed Road, Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptPhone: +20121 259 8884
Charly’s Curry & Crêperie Closed nowOpens at 15:00 today

Charly's Curry & Crêperie


Charly’s Curry and Creperie is a unique and unusual concept, and the one and only can be found on

Location: Charly's Crêperie, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptPhone: +201068502236
Pasta e Basta Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 12:30 today

Pasta e Basta Restaurant


A truly unique Italian Pasta restaurant based in one of the prettiest spots in El Gouna.  Best in

Location: Pasta e Basta، Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/pastaebastakafrelgouna/Phone: +20127 903 3338
Le Garage – Gourmet Burger Closed nowOpens at 16:00 today

Le Garage - Gourmet Burger


Le Garage - Gourmet Burger is known in El Gouna as one of the best places for Home-made Burger. The

Location: Le Garage, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://bit.ly/2PkrQK0Phone: +201273905425
San Siro Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 09:00 today

San Siro Restaurant


San Siro Restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, El Gouna Located right in the heart of

Location: San Siro Restaurant Sports, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://bit.ly/2Azr2ryPhone: +20653580521
Athena Greek Taverna Closed nowOpens at 11:00 today

Athena Greek Taverna


Athena Greek Taverna restaurant has been serving many happy customers among residents and visitors.

Location: Athena Greek Taverna, El Gouna Entrance, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: #Phone: +201006965102
Kan Zaman Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 10:30 today

Kan Zaman Restaurant


“Enjoy good authentic food, cooked well and great value” Looking for authentic Egyptian cuisine?

Location: الجونة، Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptWebsite: https://www.elgouna.directory/pg/kanzaman-restaurant/Phone: +201208400409
Zomba Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 08:30 today

Zomba Restaurant


Egyptian Food Made The Egyptian Way! With influences from both the Middle East and Africa, it is no

Location: Zomba Restaurant, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: https://www.elgouna.directory/pg/zomba-restaurant/Phone: +201270361361
Sliders Cable Park Closed nowOpens at 09:30 today

Sliders Cable Park


Open all year round, located in the beautiful coastal town of El Gouna. Sliders is the only wake

Location: Sliders Cable Park - El Gouna, Egypt, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://www.sliderscablepark.com/Phone: +20102 602 2226

Momo Kiteboarding


We love building a kite boarding community in El Gouna, Egypt. Helping this exciting sport to grow

Location: Kite Power El Gouna, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: www.momokiteboarding.comPhone: +20 115 003 3677
Hydra Seafood Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 11:00 today

Hydra Seafood Restaurant


Hydra Seafood Restaurant, El Gouna Nestled in the heart of Tamr Henna square is one of El Gouna’s

Location: HEDRA Resturant See Food, El Gouna 1 Rd, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/Hedraelgouna/Phone: 01222510737

Nomad Kite Events


Nomad Kite Events in El Gouna, Egypt.As the owners of Nomad Kite Events, we have been kitesurfing in

Location: Unnamed Road, Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptWebsite: https://www.nomadkiteevents.com/Phone: +201224768249

Gouna Mountain Goats


Gouna mountain goats is a hiking group that explore the vast and beautiful desert behind El Gouna.

Location: El Gouna Entrance, Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptPhone: +201012618910

DuPort Pool Club


DuPort pool club offers an excellent night spot at the heart of Abu Big Marina. The venue is

Location: Duport Pool Club, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://www.threecorners.com/Phone: +20 65 3580351
Maritim Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 09:00 today

Maritim Restaurant


Maritim Restaurant is a firm favourite within the El Gouna community as well as it’s visitors - they

Location: Maritim Restaurant & Bar, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: https://maritim.elgounarestaurants.com/Phone: +201028888926

Ocean Diva Catamaran


Ocean Diva Catamaran Sailing Cruises The Ocean Divas are fast, stylish, and modern catamarans. With

Location: Ocean Diva Catamaran Elgouna، Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: https://www.oceandiva-catamaran.com/Phone: +20 100 010 2952

El Gouna Hospital


An integrated professional medical service provider across the Red Sea since 1998. Different &

Location: El Gouna Hospital, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://www.elgounahospital.com.eg/Phone: +201221741015
El Gouna Library Closed nowOpens at 09:00 today

El Gouna Library


El Gouna Library is a nonprofit technological and cultural extravaganza in a breathtaking

Location: El Gouna Library, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://www.elgounalibrary.comPhone: +20653580023

Sheraton Miramar Resort


The unique seafront setting of the resort awaits. 339 guest rooms are spread across a myriad of

Location: Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: www.sheratonmiramarresort.comPhone: +20653545606

Lamaison Bleue Hotel


La Maison Bleue is a luxury guest house located in El Gouna on the Red Sea coast. Set directly on

Location: La Maison Bleue El Gouna, Kite Center Road, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://www.lamaison-bleue.com/Phone: +20 128 359 1110

Fanadir Hotel


Modern Comfort for Modern GuestThe 4-star Fanadir Hotel offers modern comfort in a serene setting

Location: Fanadir Hotel El Gouna, El Gouna, EgyptWebsite: http://www.hotels.elgouna.com/fanadir-hotel/Phone: +20 65 3580076

Elements Water Sports


Elements water sports was founded in our new place "El Gouna" in November 2015. We designed the

Location: Element Watersports, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://element-watersports.com/Phone: +20 121 067 2606

Seventh Star


Seventh Star it is a restaurant and bakery overlooking the Abu -Tig Marina in El Gouna. It is

Location: Seventh Star, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://bit.ly/2Cv3w26Phone: +201004088449

Alex Safari


Live the adventure! We offer the best desert safaris from El Gouna, Egypt. So you shouldn't miss

Location: Alex Safari El Gouna Office, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://www.alexsafarielgouna.com/Phone: +201005511974

TU Berlin Campus El Gouna


Campus El Gouna is administrated by the Central Department El Gouna which is a formal institute

Location: TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: http://www.campus-elgouna.tu-berlin.de/Phone: +20653561 400

El Gouna Film Festival


The mission of El Gouna Film Festival is to showcase a diverse selection of films for a passionate

Location: Unnamed Road, Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, EgyptWebsite: www.elgounafilmfestival.comPhone: +20 65 3549 702
Jobo’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 10:00 today

Jobo's Sports Bar & Restaurant


Watch all sports channel and enjoy freshly cooked dishes at Jobo's, El Gouna. Jobos Sports Bar is

Location: Jobo’s Sports Bar, Qesm Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: https://bit.ly/2osXll5Phone: +20 102 888 8793

Creative Concepts


Creative Concepts is an independent creative advertising and marketing agency based in El Gouna,

Location: Creative Concepts, Hurghada, EgyptWebsite: www.creativeconcept.agencyPhone: +201069127217